Next Doctor Who Actor Confirmed By BBC


The tenth season of Doctor Who is about to meet its end with only a few episodes left. This season is going to be Peter Capaldi’s last in the Doctor Who franchise. According to a recent announcement, a new actor is a gong to replace him.

For some reason, BCC has still not disclosed the name of the new artist for Doctor Who’s role, but a former member of the Production team, Andy Davis has confirmed that he knows who is going to be the next Doctor, but he cannot expand further due to his NDA contracts with BBC.

The announcement of the new Doctor has become a serious matter because no matter who gets selected the fans are not going to like him/her for two reasons:

1) A good number of fans believe that the next Doctor should be a female. In fact, there are various petitions by people that depict how many die-hard fans want the next Doc to be a lady.

2) Many fans remain ardent stating that changing the gender of Doctor Who is unnecessary as it serves no real purpose to the story.

According to one of the reports from comic book(.)com, Kurt Marshall is going to be the leading man for this show, but they couldn’t confirm it. Then there were rumors that Michaela Coel is going to be next Doctor, and when that story got debunked, we heard that Hayley Atwell (Marvel fame) wants to play the first lady Doctor Who.

Nevertheless, at least at this point, we can safely say that actor for the next Doctor Who is confirmed, and we will soon hear the official announcement.

There were some misunderstood stories around Peter Capaldi’s unamicable departure from the series, which he personally disentangled in one of his interviews:-

“But I began to get worried about my capacity to deliver my best work. The schedule is very intense, and I began to wonder, how many different ways can I find to say, ‘The time vortex is going to open up and destroy the entire universe as we know it unless we blow up that model spaceship over there’? It concerned me that if I did more, yes, I’d be able to do it, but I’d just be phoning it in. And I didn’t ever want to be in that situation.”

Though, our team still believes that the chance of a female Doctor Who is slim to none.


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