New Trailer Reveals A More Comic Book Accurate Costume For Mon-El!


There is a new promo from The CW regarding the upcoming Supergirl episodes, and we can see Mon-El in a costume which is closer to what he wore in the comic books and not the black jumpsuits that we saw the Legion of Super-Heroes wear in the latest episode.

You can have a look at it above.

It’s not known as to why would Mon-El dress up differently, but, considering the reluctance of the Legion to be a part of “historical” events during last night’s midseason premiere, it could be simply due to the fact that this is his Legion costume and the team has now decided to wear their own costumes.

No matter what, we think that Supergirl’s ex-boyfriend will now be seen in his red and blue costume soon, along with a cape clip similar to the Superman suit worn by Tyler Hoechlin.

During Mon-El’s appearance on Supergirl’s last season, fans wanted him to suit up as Valor (a name which might not be permissible, since it happens to be the title of a military drama airing Monday nights at 9 pm after the new Supergirl episodes). That didn’t happen, and we saw him wear DEO uniforms every time he had to go out and fight.

After he went away from the series and came back accompanied by the Legion of Super-heroes, fans anticipated seeing a more colorful bunch of young heroes than what they saw, with all of the three Legion members wearing black during their coming together to save Supergirl and help beat Reign in the midseason premiere.

There was no official statement from the network about the new Mon-El costumes or any other Legion members. Thus, this new revelation has come out of the blue – considering The CW had released two Mon-El focusing teaser posters, one depicting his Legion flight ring and the other showing Mon-El in costume), just one week ago.

While the season takes shape, it seems as if Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes will battle Reign and the army of Worldkillers, accompanied by the previous chief of the Supergirl cult. This might just be a great time to see heroes such as Valor take their “final form.”

Supergirl airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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