New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ TV Spot Frightens Puny God Loki


Thor: Ragnarok is just a little over a month away now, and it is not that difficult to wait for the movie to release. Because the sequel has got a new TV spot and it has got even Loki afraid.

Probably, scared is how people feel in the company of the Hulk.

There is a lot of familiar visuals in the reel along with a couple of new scenes added. One of the new scenes features the Hulk and Thor who is speaking with Valkyrie. When Thor says that he is raising a team, Hulk roars with one very clear note.

 “No team! Only Hulk!

The second clip shows Loki recollecting a moment from Marvel’s Avengers. It was immediately after Hulk joined the battle with Thor and the latter was delighted to see him.

 “Loki, look who it is,” Thor shouts out to his brother while pointing to the Hulk.

I have to get off this planet,” the shapeshifting Asgardian replies in a soft tone as he steps back with fear visible in his eyes.

Well, that’s the kind of response that Hulk’s power evokes from puny Gods!

Thor: Ragnarok is readying for release and fans are happy to express their love for the Asgardian hero. Twitter has become the latest website indulging in Thor mania by releasing new hashtag emojis. Using any hashtags related to this Marvel sequel will give you a range of Thor sprites such as Loki, the Hulk, and others.


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