New Star War Fan Film Would Finally Bridge The Time-Gap


Much has been discussed about the time gap between the original Star Wars trilogy and its prequel trilogy. The time between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope has captivated the audience for a long time, and thus has undergone quite a lot of exploration. Some of it was undertaken by Lucasfilm, while the rest is contained under the name of Star Wars Legends. Even recently, the canon Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, released in 2016, tried to cover some events that occurred between the two episodes. Still, the Star Wars universe is vast, with an unmatched potential of stories. This is why Side Project Studios are set to release a fan film titled “Days Past” that tries to cover more events that occurred in the time lapse.

Set on a planet quite similar to Tatooine, the story follows a retired Captain that was once a part of the Galactic Empire, who is visited by a former student, who is now a part of the Imperial ranks. The meeting that begins cordially soon heats up and covers the themes of regrets, morality and everything else you could expect.

The reason why “Days Past” stands out among all the other fan films is that it gives crucial insights regarding the main storyline. It delves into the aftermath of the rise of Galactic Empire, without featuring any of the central characters. Portraying just two average people (with different point-of-views), it has a more personal touch to it. Fans could expect a deeper look into the political turmoil that followed Episode III, and how it affected the lives of ordinary people.

Fan films are not a new phenomenon, but it has recently caught much traction due to better access to technologies and increase in the quality of filmmaking. The enormous popularity of the Star Wars franchise, along with platforms like YouTube, has led many to carry out such daring endeavors. Even then, “Days Past” remains special solely due to its director, Aaron Kunkel, who is said to have done a brilliant work. A lot of attention has been paid to small intricacies of the main storyline and the props used. All of this makes “Days Past” an important part of the canon Star Wars universe, thus the huge anticipation of fans.

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