New photos Reveal Gibbs To Still Be Captive In NCIS New Season.


For those who were hoping that the new season of NCIS will be without the tensions and suspense hinted by the finale of the previous season, this is bad news. It is confirmed now that both Leroy Gibbs and Timothy McGee are captives in Paraguay, and this is where Season 15 would premiere.

The latest photos released by Entertainment Weekly contain Gibbs and McGee in a kind-of prison. Their clothes are tattered, face bruises and hands ties. We must remind our fans that the duo was captured by rebels while on a mission to rescue a Navy Seal.

According to confirmed sources, the timeline has moved a bit since the season 14 finale. Gibbs and McGee would have been prisoners for two months by the time new season premieres, while their colleagues in D.C. would be clueless regarding their locations.

Show runner Frank Cardea admits that the rough and battered look, as seen in the photos, was not an easy task to achieve. He said, “We did have to apply a lot of makeup, though, to make them look gaunt. Mark loved all that stuff.”

The Season 15 of the much-loved NCIS return on September 26 to CBS.

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