Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Showrunner Says The TV Series Won’t Be Watered Down


There are not enough details about the upcoming Netflix series ‘Witcher,’ but, you can rest assured that it won’t be altered or softened in tone in any manner.

The showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich ruled out such a possibility in response to a fan’s concern regarding the series going soft and underplaying the nastier parts of the medieval world depicted in Witcher. Hissrich answered “There will be no watering down. I give you my word.”

The Witcher is based in a world full of grey, and there are not many clearly defined options related to good and bad. It appears as if Hissrich is keen to keep the same tone going in her version, and she mentioned in her next post that she is working hard to put all pieces together.

“New day, more maps, (much) more coffee,” Hissrich said. “Time to break this pilot! #TheWitcher.”

Like most others, Hissrich also faces a continuous barrage of fan opinion related to her latest project, and she is handling all this limelight, negative or positive feedback, with panache. “I know it’s your passion talking, and for a tv show, fan passion the best thing in the world. Thanks for the encouragement.” That was taken up again after somebody felt offended with an earlier retweet.

“I retweeted because it was one of the first encouraging comments, rather than telling me not to screw it up,” Hissrich said. “I don’t plan on screwing it up. I plan on honoring these amazing books — and (for the record) the amazing women in them. But point taken: I will retweet more excitement!”

In case you are clueless, the Witcher is based on a group of talented monster hunters who can battle legendary beasts due to their combination of ancient practices, expertise in the magic of signs, and physical training. Witchers are unaffected by disease or infections, and also have night-vision which can be further bolstered by using tonics. They have super strength, endurance, reflexes and speed. They are adept at using signs to disorient, weaken, and disband their enemies. All this merged with their Seel and Silver swords; they are capable of hunting down almost any kind of monster.

Geralt is the most famous Witchers member, and he became incredibly famous courtesy the hit video game series. We are not sure whether the Netflix show will be based on Geralt, but, the chances are that he will be a part of the show in some way or the other.

As of now, The Witcher doesn’t have a release date.


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