22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Namorita (Nita) That Will Expose A Different Side


Namorita, often called Nitawas created by writer Bill Everett and first appeared in SubMariner #50 in 1972. Namorita is the daughter of Namora, an Atlantean princess, and a human father which means that she has a mix of both Atlantean and human traits, making her very strong and tough. She grew up in Atlantis under her mother’s care until Namora’s death.

After that, Namor took care of her, and she became a close ally and friend to him. Namorita has been part of several superhero teams, including the New Warriors and the Defenders and was also seen in the animated series Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Namorita has many superhuman abilities from her Atlantean heritage.

She has superhuman strength, speed, she can also breathe underwater and swim very fast, and is also able to talk to sea creatures making her excellent in underwater battles.A unique thing about Namorita is her ability to release a paralyzing toxin from her skin. This makes her very dangerous in close combat, as she can immobilize enemies with a touch. She can also transform her appearance, turning her skin blue and gaining even more strength.

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Namorita (Nita) sexy pictures
Namorita (Nita) sexy pictures
Namorita (Nita) hot pictures
Namorita (Nita) hot pictures

Namorita (Nita) sexy look

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Namorita (Nita) hot

Namorita (Nita) sexy pic

Namorita (Nita) sexy pics

Namorita (Nita) sexy

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Namorita (Nita) hot pic

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