Mortal Kombat Movie : 9 Actors Reportedly In Talks For Reboot

3) Goro – Vin Diesel

If you ever glance on Vin Diesel’s Facebook account, you can easily find a barrage of M.K fans begging him to play the role of Goro. Vin Diesel has the voice, physical build, and the required acting chops to get Goro’s character a legendary status in the movie world. Vin Diesel has said that if the script is good, and if his character is not short-lived, he is interested in playing the character. James Wan has already worked with Vin Diesel in his Fast & Furious movies, and they adore each other’s work. James has stated that he would love to get Vin Diesel as Goro, but the script has to allow him to do so. Goro is one of most important character in the Mortal Kombat games, and we believe that the lore has the potential to grow Goro’s character for multiple movies and give him the central status. If they can get Mr. Diesel to sign the contract for GORO, half the battle for success has already been won.

Vin Diesel As Goro Mortal Kombat movie

2) Shang Tsung – Ken Watanabe.

Like Kano from the original 1995 movie, Shang Tsung’s casting was also a bull’s eye from every dimension. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa’s portrayal of Shang Tsung is indomitable; he filled in the shoes of Shang Tsung’s character so excellently that he has become an iconic image of that character. We can’t see anybody else in that role; he is the benchmark for any other actor who is going to replace him in the upcoming reboot. Recently, Ken Watanabe has frequently been photographed with James Wan and McQuoid, the geek news channels are suggesting that James and McQuoid are working together on only one project, and that’s Mortal Kombat reboot. This speculation gained more heat when Ken Watanabe hinted that he is heavily involved in a big gaming franchise film during his interview by the folks at Doppler-reviews. Ken’s acting packs a level of sophistication, along with intense emotional expressions that would give the audience a deeper look into the character of Rayden that we’ve never had in the past.

Ken Watanabe As Shang Tsung Mortal Kombat Movie

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