Mortal Kombat Movie : 9 Actors Reportedly In Talks For Reboot

5) Rayden – Liam Neeson

Christopher Lambert was phenomenal as Lord Rayden in the Original Mortal Kombat film. He was able to strike a perfect balance between humor and being bad-ass! Liam Neeson had shared a picture of Rayden back in October 2016 setting the whole wide Mortal Kombat fanbase on fire. However, he deleted that picture after a couple of hours and in some of his recent interviews, he has given few nods to the fact that he part of the Mortal Kombat cast. One thing is for sure if anybody can trump or recreate the Christopher Lambert’s version of Rayden, it is got to be Liam Neeson. If there is even a tincture of truth in this casting rumor, we can say that Warner Bros is on the right path.

Liam Neeson as Rayden - Mortal Kombat movie


4) Kitana – Megan Fox

Talisa Sato played the character of Kitana in the original movie, and she did a decent job. However, all her fighting scenes were dead wood; her body double did most of them, and the camera work was so abysmal that we all got to see her body double’s face many times. Megan Fox has shown interest in playing Kitana, and even James Wan has confirmed that he had a brief chat with her on this matter. There is no official confirmation on this rumor, but if Megan really wants to play Kitana, she will certainly clinch the role. Because in the past all of her roles were rumors at some point, but all of them fell in her resume bag when things finalized. Megan Fox is an incredibly beautiful lady, and if James Wan decides to put her in Mortal Kombat 9’s costume, it would be painfully distracting to focus on anything apart from her. Jokes apart, we think that she can do a decent job in playing Kitana if she can get a proper fighting training.

Megan Fox as Kitana - Mortal Kombat movie

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