Meet The Latest Member Of NCIS.


So apparently, a new member would join the NCIS crew in the new season, and she got some serious moves.

It has been confirmed that Mario Bella is roped in to play a central role in the show. Hollywood Reporter mentioned that her unnamed character is an elite forensic psychologist. She is also a second lieutenant in the Army and completed two tours in Afghanistan. The character is written to be sharp, naughty, yet determined enough to shrink in the face of power. However, the most exciting thing fans found in her character was this: she will be on the wrong side with Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon).

The producers, George Schenck and Frank Cardea, are quite enthusiastic about the new cast member. They even signed a 3-year contract with her, which means Bella would be associated with a show for quite a long time. In their words:

“We have always been big fans of Maria Bello’s work and are excited to be introducing her as an agent who not only has a distinct talent, but also a unique relationship with Gibbs”

The new season, on the other hand, is getting shaped at a rapid pace. Fans are already speculating an action-packed series premiere, ever since the reveal that Gibbs and McGee would be trapped in Paraguay at the beginning of the new season. In the season finale, we saw the duo getting surrounded by an army of rebels, while the other members of the NCIS teams chose to contain the chaos and fly the children to safety.

Apart from the fates of Gibbs and McGee, the audience would also look forward to the storyline of Abby (played by Pauley Perrette), who will found a compelling case for her. NCIS would return on CBS on September 26th.


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