Marvel Revealed Storyline Of Upcoming Mega X-Men/Venom Crossover


Marvel remains a step ahead of the game, and they plan things to the tiniest details. The NYCC 2017 showed Marvel reveal vital details about their upcoming crossover between X-Men and Venom titled “Poison-X.”

This was something that the Marvel fans had been anticipating for a long time, and it is finally being created. The crossover will be a six-part event showing the Poisons (debuted in Venom verse) will unleash a savage attack on Marvel universe. The art is being done by the famous artist Nick Bradshaw. The Poison X storyline is based on the events of the Cullen Bunn/Edgar Salazar comic X-Men Blue Annual #1.

Have a look at the crossover event’s official synopsis:

In the far reaches of space, the Poisons attack the Marvel Universe – but who exactly are these new enemies, and what destruction are they planning to unleash on Earth? This is just the beginning of Poisons diabolical plot to overthrow the Marvel Universe…and it requires an unexpected team-up! This January, the Children of the Atom will join forces with Eddie Brock for a 6-part crossover that begins in X-MEN BLUE ANNUAL #1!

The Poisons were first introduced in Venomverse, and they are a huge threat which only X-Men and Venom can tackle as a team. While the X-Men force Venom to the space to help them, it is revealed that the universe is threatened by something that is more frightening than their own problems and the only way to save the world might be Eddie Brock and his loyal Symbiote.

X-Men has a vast and multi-layered universe. However, Venom verse has been spreading slowly and charting into interesting avenues. Earlier, there was a strong chance of Venom getting featured in the Infinity War films as “Sybiotes” as a part of Phase 3. The film was likely to have a cosmic setting. Since Spiderman is gaining prominence in Marvel movies, therefore, it would have been greatly logical to introduce Venom into the MCU.

For the uninitiated, Venom is a nastier incarnation of Peter Parker/Spiderman and has all the abilities of the Spidey except his senses and also wears a sophisticated Iron-Spidey suit made by none other than the Stark Industries. He can evolve and modify itself to survive in various environments and has the special power which lets him take over all the powers of his rival, and that makes him a nearly invincible devil. His super suit produces unlimited webbing. Thus, supplies don’t bother him. Fans had faith that Venom will get his chance and now their faith has paid off as Tom Hardy has been chosen to play the new Venom on screen. Sony had a great deal of success with Homecoming, and it is great sense for them to now make the Venom film.

They have roped in Kelly Marcel (50 Shades of Grey) to redo the Venom script. Fans are trolling this update by saying that the new film might turn out to be “50 Shades of Black.” New terms such as Brock out or Cock out etc. are gaining momentum rapidly. However, jokes apart, the insiders insist that this is quite a daring approach considering the typical screenwriting trends at Marvel. Marcel has earlier been associated with Saving Mr. Banks, Bronson as well as the upcoming film Cruella. It might be that she is just the lady that the female fans would have wanted.

Michelle Williams (Drive, Manchester By The Sea) has been formally declared to play the female lead in the film. While the studio hasn’t precisely talked about the character that she will play, however, the only meaty role that she could get in Venom film is that of She-Venom or Bride of Venom.

There were reports earlier in July about Ann Weying debuting in Venom. She has been seen in The Amazing Spiderman #375as the former wife of Eddie Brock, who was a successful lawyer turned into Bride of Venom. It is almost guaranteed that Michelle Williams will play this role as she is not someone who would do petty roles for the sake of a paycheck. The main villain of the film is set to be Carnage. However, that again is not yet officially confirmed.


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