Mark Hamill Doesn’t Want A “YOUNG LUKE SKYWALKER” Movie.


Lucasfilm’s next independent Star Wars film will tell the story of a young Han Solo. This makes us ponder: What about a young Luke Skywalker film? This may sound thrilling to us, yet the idea has one noteworthy critic: Mark Hamill.

Hamill said the following on the previous evening’s The Late Show With James Corden;

“Boy what a boring film that will be!”

Umm, would you say that he’s endeavoring to tell us that water cultivating isn’t cool?

Hamill immediately and rightfully shot down the thought for a Luke prequel, since A New Hope is a young Luke Skywalker motion picture. Nevertheless, his evasiveness about who Luke may have lost his virginity to has us somewhat captivated about investigating his pre-R2-D2 life.

Imagine it; a young and anxious Luke is out one night, where he comes across a wonderful youthful Tusken Raider. That is less irritating than watching him hit on his sister for two films.

Discussing family matters, Corden quizzed Hamill about how regularly he hears the expression “I am your father” from fans.

Hamill says he gets a kick out of the chance to “give the people what they want.”

Thereafter Corden had him and guest visitors Anna Faris and Jenny Slate play the new, splendidly named game “I Am Your Father,” where they had to figure out which father-child duo was truly related.

That was too simple, particularly after the very first fellow destroyed his extraordinary “mint chip” ice-cream reply by stating that he thought of it like Kevin Spacey’s Kint in The Usual Suspects.

We needn’t bother with a Luke Skywalker prequel, yet can see this game played with skilled “fathers?”


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