Male-Only Screening Request For Star Wars 8 By Pro-Trump Activist Gets Slashed By Lucasfilm’s Executive Editor.


Alamo Drafthouse had conducted a female-only screening for Wonder Woman after they played the Premiere show. This event caused raucous amongst the male netizens who believed that theater is being unfair to them.

Hence, a bunch of trolls initiated elaborate petitions against the movie, created Anti-Wonder Woman groups on Facebook, loaded alt-right websites with negative articles about the film and even tried to convince men to pirate the film via torrents rather than going to the theaters.

However, things took an incredibly bizarre turn when the pro-trump activist and reckless conspiracy monger Jack Posobiec tweeted out to his 100000 followers saying that if they are doing a private screening for women for Wonder Woman, then men should demand a private screening of Star Wars movies.

Here is the exact the tweet from Posobiec:-

“They’re doing women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. I propose men-only screenings of Star Wars. For the entire first week.”

However, this was not the first time he has spoken against the Star Wars movie; he had done something similar during the release of Rogue One by creating claims that Star Wars movies specifically place White Men as their villain. He had requested his followers to boycott the Star Wars franchise for good.

But this time, he got a tight digital slap directly from the executives of Lucasfilm, who have brutally reprimanded his demand. As a response to his tweet Jennifer Heddle, Lucasfilm’s Executive Editor mocked Posobiec’s stand and his team of Internet trolls by tweeting out:-

“We ladies who work at Lucasfilm will still see it before you.”

To make things even worse for these broken men, MSNBC’S Joy Ried tweeted out a question towards Posobiec.

“Weren’t you boycotting Star Wars? I mean, the brown people are still in it.”

Many actors like Don Cheadle and other Hollywood influences showed their displeasure against Posobiec’s behavior, and many individuals who are involved in Star Wars movies have even blocked Posobiec on Twitter, one of them is Episode 8’s director Rian Johnson.

It is still very hard to comprehend, why people fall for such gimmicks? There is no reason to mix pure fictional entertainment with real life politics. A small thing like a private screening got blown out of proportions directly points out the sad situation of our society. Instead of writing those fancy hate mongering petitions, if these so-called activists focus on doing real work, this world would become a better place to live-in.

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  1. So how exactly women only screening of the movie is making our world a “better place to live-in” but not men only screening? And how comes saying something nenative about the former is “blowing out of proportions” but saying the same about the latter is not? This hypocritical article is exactly one of the indicators of the “sad situation of our society”

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