Are We Going To Witness An Important Character’s Death In This Doctor Who Series?


Adric was the only companion who met a fatal end, unlike other Doctor Who companions who are usually time trapped or are just frozen at death as the creators of Doctor Who are not much fond of literally killing any companions.

Speculations of Bill Potts death have been rife from past couple of weeks. The trailer was a sort of a giveaway where Bill suggests a threat to her life. “I’m having the time of my life – and I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” she said.
“Even if it kills me…”

The synopsis of the final episode 11 does throw some light that she might be speaking the truth about her fate. She had a few close calls in few episodes, especially in Oxygen where spacesuit zombies almost killed her.

If rumors are to be believed then actress Pearl Mackie is slated to take a bow from the show along with Peter Capaldi himself and the lead writer of the show, Steven Moffat. Bill’s death would be the best way to explain her absence and also laying the plot for the incumbent Doctor Who – “The man jinxed by his own curses.”

The fact that this episode involves a spaceship where time moves slower at one end and faster at the other makes things all the more complicated. Maybe the good doctor on a whim does not actually kill Bill but rather uses the time to reverse the process!

The synopsis does hint that he might want to “redeem his mistake” in the episode. There is also a possibility that Doctor Who’s timelord may bite the dust, as he pledged to save the body of Missy for 100 years. Ther

Any which way, the timely forces doing the rounds of the spaceship will, by all means, resurrect the victim if at all there is any. But we are keeping our eyes, ears, and minds open. Some danger is definitely lurking over the Doctor Who characters in the next episodes as Steven Moffat has decided to drop his pen. He might make the parting blow by actually finishing a character and taking credit for being one of the few writers to have done so.

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