Lucasfilm Successfully Creates A Working Lightsaber


Have you ever wished to build your own real lightsaber? We bet, you did. That’s why we suggest that you should check out this first episode of the brand new web series by Lucasfilm and IBM which is titled Science and Star Wars. This show aims to use real-world science and technology to attempt creating some of the iconic Star Wars things like The Force Blasters and lightsabers.

The show’s host Anthony Carboni teams up with the Star Wars Rebels voice actor Taylor Gray in their bid to build their adaptation of the legendary laser sword. Gray did the voice for Ezra Bridger in the animated series by Disney XD. In the new web series, Gray joined Carboni and the YouTube star Allen Pan and managed to create a “plasma blade” which is nearly the most identical thing to a real lightsaber at present.

They start by creating a heat source to generate plasma, and it means you won’t be able to pick up your choice of color as the lightsaber will be white only. After that, they proceeded to build a thermal lance made out of steel wool, a carbon steel tube, and an oxygen tank. Once they assembled the device, they used their plasma blade to enact an early sequence from Star Wars: Phantom Menace which showed Qui-Gonn cut through a steel door using his lightsaber.

You can check further Science and Star Wars episodes on the official Star Wars YouTube channel.

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