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Laurie Holden is an actress known for playing Crimson Countess in the Amazon Prime series The Boys. Born on December 17, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, Laurie has had a successful career in TV and movies. She is famous for roles like Andrea in The Walking Dead and Marita Covarrubias in The X-Files. In The Boys, her character is a superhero with the power to control fire.

She is introduced in Season 3 as a former member of a superhero team called Payback, which existed before The Seven. One of the most memorable scenes with Crimson Countess in Season 3 involves an OnlyFans-style webcam session with Seth Rogen’s character, SirCumsAlot779. Not only is this scene bold but it was also so funny, proving the shows satirical take on superheroes.

Crimson Countess also has a weird but unique passion for helping chimpanzees. In the series, she creates a music video called Chimps Don’t Cry, singing about how chimps cannot cry because they don’t have tear ducts. Laurie was so dedicated to this role that she actually took professional singing lessons to perform this song.

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Laurie Holden sexy pictures
Laurie Holden sexy pictures
Laurie Holden hot pictures
Laurie Holden hot pictures

Laurie Holden sexy cleavage

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LAURIE HOLDEN at Dumb And Dumber To Premiere in Westwood

Laurie Holden sexy

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Laurie Holden hot look

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