Kylo Ren Is Back As Matt The Radar Technician On Star Wars Battlefront 2!


In case you are one of those Star Wars fans who love playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, there are chances that you relish playing as Kylo Ren and inflict serious damage on your enemies. He is very powerful in the game and also looks very fashionable when he picks up the lightsaber to battle the enemies. However, if you are not much into the style and thoughtful ways, then you might enjoy playing as Matt the Radar Technician? The latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 version lets you do exactly that.

The new Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod can morph Kylo Ren into Matt the Radar Technician from the renowned SNL sketch spoofing Undercover Boss. The sketch shows Adam Driver as a minion of the First Order, displaying weird glasses, blonde mane, and wearing an orange vest. The new mod provides you Kylo Ren in the garb of Matt. It is an incredibly weird mashup.

If you find that dumb and amazing at the same time, then you are right. You can check the mod in action, as Star Wars HQ has shared a video of the same. But, they have stated that the mod is only for PC as of now.

Matt The Radar Technician (aka Kylo Ren from Saturday Night Live’s SNL Skit Undercover Boss) invades Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) to mop up Starkiller Base with his fire lightsaber! New gameplay is on PC with the PC mods installed (not available on PS4 or Xbox One at this time).”

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the most prominent Star Wars video game to come out after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. Sadly, the game has been facing a lot of flak right from the day it released, mostly due to the disgusting power-up system which uses loot boxes. While, the game made significant upgrades, such as bringing on a single-player mission which is a part of the official Star Wars canon. The Matt, the Radar Technician mod, is unofficial. Still, it has made Battlefront 2 a lot more fun, even for those who are a bit unhappy with the game in general.

It is a pity that the new mod is not for Xbox or PS players as of now, and that’s a huge segment of this game’s players. However, we are hopeful that someone would manage to create a version for them down the line. Go ahead and have a look at Matt the Radar Technician as a part of Star Wars Battlefront 2 video, provided by the Star Wars HQ YouTube channel. You can also download the mod by visiting the links given in the description of the video. In case you want to recall the original SNL sketch then have a look at it below.

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