Kimmel Asks People To Share Thoughts About The Imaginary Crisis Of Wakanda


At the moment Black Panther is the biggest blockbuster film in the world, and Jimmy Kimmel chose to join the fun. The late-night show host showed his audience with a video of how people responded to the ongoing crisis in Wakanda.

Wakanda is the imaginary African country where T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) is from, however, seems like a lot of people didn’t know that. In fact, there has even been a campaign asking President Donald Trump to comment on Wakanda.

The interviewer in this hilarious video asks people about the Wakandan crisis and also about the subject of their sharing Vibranium with the rest of the world. Despite not having a clue about what the topic is, the interviewees behave as if they were subject matter experts.

One lady is questioned about Donald Trump and Wakanda, and she calls the president to be somewhat racially prejudiced against people of Wakanda. She then made fun of the orange complexion of Trump.

While Black Panther might be the biggest film of the day and a cultural movement of sorts, but, not everybody knows Wakanda as Jimmy Kimmel Live! Proved.


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