22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Kim Hee-Jung That Will Dazzle Your Eyes


Some of Kim Hee-Jung most well known performances include her roles in Reply 1988, My Lovely Sam Soon, and The World of the Married. She now is a part of the cast of the Netflix show ‘Sweet Home ’ in which she plays the role of Cha Jin-ok.Cha Jin-ok is the mother of Park Min-joo and the director of a daycare center, she has these strong maternal instincts and her protective nature and determination to safeguard her loved ones has made her a memorable character.

She also takes on a nurturing role for others in the community, extending her caregiving beyond her family.In Sweet Home Season 3,Cha Jin-ok’s character continues to grow as the story moves to a new setting called the Stadium.

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Kim Hee-Jung sexy pictures
Kim Hee-Jung sexy pictures
Kim Hee-Jung hot pictures
Kim Hee-Jung hot pictures

Kim Hee-Jung hot

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Kim Hee-Jung sexy pic

Kim Hee-Jung sexy pics

Kim Hee-Jung hot pics

Kim Hee-Jung sexy

Kim Hee-Jung sexy legs

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Kim Hee-Jung hot pic

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