22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Karen Fukuhara That Will Reinforce Her Icon Status


Karen Fukuhara is an American actress best known for her roles as Katana in Suicide Squad and Kimiko Miyashiro in the Amazon Prime series The Boys. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and started learning karate in middle school, eventually earning a brown stripe belt and it is this martial arts skill that helped her land her first major film role in Suicide Squad.

In The Boys, Karens’ character Kimiko Miyashiro, also known as Kimiko, is a mute who uses sign language to communicate, which adds a unique aspect to her role. Karen actually had to learn American Sign Language (ASL) for this part and worked closely with her sign language coach, Amanda Richer, to bring authenticity to Kimiko’s character.

Kimiko is a member of Billy Butcher’s team, fighting against the corrupt superheroes of The Seven and the powerful company, Vought International. Even though Kimiko has a traumatic past, her character’s journey involves finding her voice and asserting her humanity in a world that often tries to dehumanize her.

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