These Points Will Convince You Justice League Can Destroy Avengers


The popularity of Avengers shot up only after they teamed up for the first time in a real world movie in the theatres. Before the Avengers becoming the darlings of the audience, Justice League was the only all Superhero team that ruled globally courtesy the animated TV series as well as several animated movies produced by the Warner Bros. Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons why Justice League could demolish the Avengers hands down anytime.

1. Origin of the superpowers

Pick up any of the superheroes of the Justice League, whether it is Superman, Batman, Cyborg or any other member, it is seen that they all became superheroes while rebounding from personal grief and tragedies. On the other hand, Avengers pretty much got their powers on a platter or as an unexpected gift. While the origin of a superhero doesn’t make him/her better or worse, it is certainly capable of providing them more depth and strength of character.

2. Unambiguous leadership

The team of Justice League has no illusions about who their leader is, and thus, there are no ego hassles, bickering, and in-fighting. They work as a team on a mission. While it won’t be right to say that the Avengers don’t work in a team as they know each other’s powers and coordinate accordingly, they are still not as well-oiled a team as the mission focused Justice League. As seen in the Civil Wars recently, their egos and internal conflicts cause considerable damage to their gelling as a unit.

3. Powerful Fighters

The Avengers are a mighty force as a team and not an ideal choice of opponents, however, if you take out The Hulk and Thor, then the team won’t appear much formidable at all. Members of Avengers group don’t have great individual powers apart from those two. On the other hand, apart from Batman, everyone in the Justice League team is a powerhouse all by himself. In fact, even the Batman has been able to overcome the League without his super powers then Avengers don’t even stand a chance.

4. The domain of the Aquaman

Without a doubt, Aquaman is one of the most powerful components of the Justice League. His superpowers that make him the king of all marine life and oceans, ensure that he has absolute control of more than 70% of the planet’s area and even when on land his powerful trident that can whip up lightning and thunder storms is a powerful weapon.

5. Batman is smarter than the Captain America

If we pit the members of the two teams one on one, then the most evenly matched fighters would be the Batman and the Captain America. While the Batman is a mighty strong human with high endurance, Captain Rogers outweighs him regarding physical strength and his shield is a powerful defensive tool as well as a weapon that he uses to good effect. At the same time, Batman has an edge as he always knows his limitations and prepares well to cover them. Given enough time, it won’t be surprising if he alone could beat the Avengers.

6. Hulk doesn’t stand a chance against Superman

The only Avengers character who can actually stand up to the Justice League happens to be The Hulk. However, Superman can take him out as he not only has a strength to match The Hulk but, also the extreme speeds and agility with which he flies and maneuvers himself can’t be challenged by the Hulk. Also, the Superman has the power of heat vision which can easily take The Hulk out.

7. Thor would be defeated by the Wonder Woman

One of the nastiest fights in this showdown will be the battle between Wonder Woman, the daughter of Zeus and she is known as the reincarnation of the God of War. Being a supreme Goddess herself, she not only has the powers of her father but, also the ancient wisdom as well as warring skills of her ancestors who lived in times predating the Asgardians. As we already know, Thor is often found wanting when it comes to the intellect part.

8. Green Lantern’s super powers

Hal Jordon aka Green Lantern has the Power Ring that gives him a significant edge over the Avengers. The ring enables him to create anything at any point in time, and when he is in full flow, he won’t even need any teammates to rip apart the Marvel’s Avengers.

9. Unity of the Two Teams

Avengers is a loosely knit bunch that comes together when faced with an imminent threat, but, the justice league is much more than a mission specific group. They are all very diverse and unite as a strong first during any fight. They don’t fight like a team just because they want to, but, because that’s the only way of survival for them as they are the last line of defense standing between the planet and its annihilation.

10. Superman and Flash will take all

Superman and Flash are so mighty that once Superman took out Hulk, these two would knock down the rest of the Avengers in a ‘blink and you miss’ fight.  In fact, these two are so powerful and a mismatch for the Avengers that the audience which would pay to see the battle between the two groups might even feel cheated at seeing such a brief and one sided battle. After all, the superpowers, physical strength and the speed of Superman and Flash are simply beyond even the comprehension of the Avengers.

Thus, all in all, it is easy to see that almost every single member of the Justice League can single-handedly flatten the Avengers before they even get a chance to say ‘Cheese.’

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