Justice League Final Trailer- A Breakdown With All Clues Revealed


The final Justice League trailer has come out, and it reveals Superman is alive even if this ‘reality’ is just one of many questions it has left fans asking. There are new glimpses of Darkseid’s real plans for Earth, visual effects for the explosive 3rd act of the movie and jokes that prove that the cast of characters will surely live up to the excitement of its name.

Here is an in-depth analysis of the new Justice League trailer:


The opening scene of Kal-El in Lois’ field and the cut to Lois waking up in bed alone makes fans see Henry Cavill in the movie and also keeps them away from any spoilers.

This may not even be a dream at all. But the fact that this trailer suggests it is a reason to believe the opposite. Lois’s wardrobe is the same on the Kent farm as it is when she was back in Metropolis, gazing into the sky. There is a lot of ambiguity that keeps fans hoping.


The very fact that the plants on the porch in the first scene are like the tree in the yard are bare of leaves is a point to note. This puts the setting of the movie in Fall, say, October, which makes sense for types of corn to grow. The good news for fans who will find Superman’s return happening in Spring a bit on-the-nose.

Clark is more accurate- his appearance should stand out. It might be the first time that he has been shown in this posture and hairstyle of the Superman identity, not disguised as Clark Kent worn in public, nor a casual Clark. This may be a sign that Clark/Kal-El/Superman has integrated his identity into one.


The previous trailer had confirmed that Queen Hippolyta would meet Steppenwolf but the new images show a different portion of this ‘reunion’ of the general and residents of Themyscira. There are Amazon riders fleeing from Parademons in the island.

The strike by Steppenwolf that comes later shows him knocking four riders from the steeds, which may be the four in the back of the squad. The flying Parademons may succeed in thinning the herd. It is hard to discern individual Amazons, but fans expect his assault on Themyscira to be more than just a bombshell.


The trailer shows A full scale of the strange Steppenwolf rends into Earth and what might happen to these souls see the strength of Apokoliptian technology. In short, you are twisted into a husk of the person you used to be and transformed into a soldier in Darkseid’sParademon army.

Fans suspected the film movie would make a modern clarification- something of a plot point, the shot of a human soldier transforming into a Parademon confirms it.


The scene of Gal Gadot’s Diana at her new day job has come up many times so far, from JL trailers to TV spots. It has been played for laughs. But in the final trailer, Diana uttering of the word “invasion” has revealed this is a scene where Diana uncovers the coming threat.

So, how does Diana know an invasion is taking place? Diana and Bruce had begun working together as key figures are being kidnapped across the world. These seem like evidence for Diana to predict an invasion. Hippolyta and Antiope will be in Justice League, in the opening battle. This may be enough for her to spot signs before it is too late.


Fans who have been keeping track of the JL marketing may know that a Chernobyl-esque seems to be the stage for the movie’s final act. Taken over with Apokoliptian architecture, the previous trailer showed a shot from inside of it, with Steppenwolf observing his Parademons flying.

On closer inspection, these are not Parademons. The size discrepancy is too extreme, and for a trailer, these effects team will make the ejected silhouettes more than black dots. Fans speculate that these are meant to look the way they do as they are not stand-ins for Parademons, they are Hellspores, devices used by Apokoliptians.


Not all symbols need to be subtle to work, and the image of Wonder Woman atop the arm of Lady Justice speaks for itself. Wonder woman herself is an embodiment of the same ideas. The statue also confirms the location of the scene Diana had starred in throughout marketing.

The shots of unidentified armed men carrying a briefcase into a secure building and being defeated by Diana has fueled a lot speculation. Most suggest that it is a pivotal plot point as opposed to an introduction to the heroine.


It has been years since fans saw the creation of Cyborg, known as Victor Stone. His father D. Silas Stone used everything S.T.A.R. Labs had to save him and turned him into a Mother Box. Yes, being made into a Robocop superhero may be a dream come true, Justice League will emphasize on how much was lost for Victor.

For his clothing, it is the same we have seen him wear while he turned down Diana’s offer. We cannot help but wonder if his return to their side when the fighting begins will be the first time Victor shows his Cyborg body in all its glory.


As the action shifts to the villain, it has turned away from the ancient Mother Boxes at the heart of the story. An epilogue filmed for Wonder Woman teased a Mother Box over a century before the rest of the DCEU.

Combining the 3 into one may give Steppenwolf the power to take over Earth, as he had planned. Cyborg’s screams and exertion seems to be pressing the ball of energy into a square shape. Maybe he saves the day in as much of a personal victory as the New 52 reboot that anchored his role on the team.


So, the bubble of blue-white energy that comes up with no explanation. It caught the eyes of fans in a previous trailer when Batman’s aircraft flew directly towards it, the missiles tried to blow a hole into it. Maybe it is the Mother Boxes by extension.

Is it a defensive bubble that keeps any hero who may thwart Steppenwolf from interfering? Or an energy that is meant to be as destructive as the Hellspores or Parademons?

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