Jake Gyllenhaal Wants To Be The Next Batman, WB Not Sure About That!


A fresh report has come in about Jake Gyllenhaal’s interest in playing Batman in Matt Reeves’ film The Batman. However, WB isn’t keen on that. The news follows a rumor about Gyllenhaal talking to Reeves about the character some weeks back in case Ben Affleck gives up the role. It has been well reported that Ben Affleck is unlikely to reprise the role of Bruce Wayne and is expected to announce the same after the end of Justice League’s promotional tour.

The latest news comes from Reddit. Therefore, it is better to embrace this news as warmly as you might do when you meet a Grizzly bear. The report hints that it was just a tactic to talk to other actors and to rope Ben Affleck into more films, but, the most fascinating thing is about Jake Gyllenhaal being keen to play Batman. However, Warner Bros. is not decided on it. The source claims proximity with Warner Bros. and reports that Matt Reeves is aiming to maintain his release schedule. This is what the source revealed.

“Matt Reeves hopes to have the film out by 2020. Plot details remain under wraps, but Matt has indeed met with other people about replacing Affleck. Initially, it was just a tactic to get Affleck to sign on for more films, but then when that didn’t work, it got through to the studio that Affleck really didn’t want to stay. Gyllenhaal really wants the role, but the studio isn’t 100% sold on the idea yet. They might use Flashpoint to make him younger, but I don’t know how that will work.”

If we consider this fresh DC leaks round to be true, Jake Gyllenhaal might have to do a lot to prove his suitability for the role. While Gyllenhaal is reportedly keen to play the role, he is not the studio’s preference. It is also said that Matt Reeves has met others, indicating there are many prospective Bruce Wayne candidates at present. However, this rumor categorically rules out Ben Affleck being a part of The Batman, and that’s something we have heard for months. No statement has come from either Reeves or Affleck about Affleck’s future association with The Batman.

Jake Gyllenhaal was earlier set to play Batman in the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but, Christian Bale bagged the role. The thought of Gyllenhaal getting another shot at it is an interesting one and maybe that’s why WB is not sure about him. By the looks of it, we feel that Gyllenhaal has what is needed to play the role well, and his acting prowess is good enough to depict a fierce Bruce Wayne, but, will he get a second chance?

These are all unsubstantiated rumors presently. This is a nicely detailed rumor in sync with various other reports doing the rounds on the net. The major thing about this report is that it indicates that Ben Affleck is the one who is unwilling to continue and not the makers. At present, the search for a new Batman is apparently underway and we may or may not see Jake Gyllenhaal play the Dark Knight’s role. You can check the detailed report with some other DCEU leaks, thanks to Reddit. 

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