22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Jaicy Elliot That Will Undoubtedly Make Your Day

22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Jaicy Elliot That Will Undoubtedly Make Your Day

Jaicy Elliot is an actress best known for playing Dr. Taryn Helm on Grey’s Anatomy. She first appeared in season 14 as an intern. Though she hasn’t always been in the spotlight, her character has become loved by fans.

Elliot started on Grey’s Anatomy as part of the BTeam intern class, which even had a web series about their first day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Out of all the interns, only Helm and Levi Schmitt are still on the show. Helm often stayed in the background, while Schmitt got more attention.

At the end of season 18, the residency program at Grey Sloan was shut down, leaving Helm without a job. She switched from surgery to bartending at the popular Emerald City Bar, known as Joe’s Bar. Despite this change, Helm still appeared on the show, interacting with the doctors who visited the bar. By the end of season 19, she returned to the hospital, ready to get back to surgery. In the beginning, her story focused on her unreturned love for Meredith Grey. With Meredith moving to Boston and Helm starting a romance with another resident, Yasuda, season 20 will explore Helm’s love life more seriously.

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Jaicy Elliot sexy pictures
Jaicy Elliot sexy pictures

Jaicy Elliot hot pictures

Jaicy Elliot sexy photo

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Jaicy Elliot hot photo

Jaicy Elliot hot pic

Jaicy Elliot sexy pic

Jaicy Elliot sexy

Jaicy Elliot (20)

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