Is Transformers Franchise Going To Be Rebooted After Bumblebee?


It is bound to make a lot of fans happy to know that the Transformers franchise is now going to be rebooted. While Transformers was never warmly received by critics,  but, fans all over the world loved the films,  that is before the 2017’s Transformers: the Last Knight, which was a shocking disappointment at the box office. Although they have grand plans related to the creation of a Transformers cinematic universe, Paramount and Hasbro are now going ahead to reboot the franchise and make it afresh in the future.

Hasbro participated in Toy Fair 2018, where they shared an investor preview of what lies ahead. They recently expanded their deal with Paramount Pictures, which means that they will convert many more of their toys into film franchises such as Micronauts and Dungeons and Dragons. As a part of the revised deal,  Hasbro will have greater authority in the making of those films. It appears that they have taken a call to stop making movies beyond the upcoming Bumblebee. After that, the plans seem to be to go for a  complete reboot. This is what a fansite TFW 2005 said on the topic.

“Hasbro specifically stated that a new team at Paramount would reset the Transformers Live Action Movie Series following the release of Bumblebee: The Movie.”

Usually, information emanating from a fansite must not be taken seriously. To an extent, the same applies here, but, they did attend the event where this was revealed. Not just that, but, a lot of other evidence also points towards this being the most sensible way forward for a franchise like Transformers, at least financially speaking.

Paramount has removed Transformers 6 from its slate. As far as their Hasbro movies outside that franchise are concerned, they are coming up with a G.I. Joe film in 2020 besides a Micronauts film, and a Dungeons and Dragons film is scheduled for 2021. Paramount and Hasbro have also enlisted a presently untitled event movie for 2021 which might be the rumored Transformers reboot. That’s all that comes out of the great deal of work done by Paramount in the Transformers cinematic universe writers’ room. You never know. They might use some of those ideas in the future movies.  Michael Bay has directed all the five Transformers films so far, and he revealed in 2017 that they have material ready for 14 more films. While it is quite evident that Bay will not be a part of the reboot, a lot of that material might be utilized.

Even though it has been hated by a lot of people, Transformers has made a great deal of money for Paramount right from the start. Till now, the films have earned a total of  $4.38 billion globally. But, Transformers:  The Last Knight made only $605.4 (the lowest for the Transformers series) in 2017, which is down by almost $500 million compared to Transformers: Age of Extinction’s 2014 tally. That indicates that people are no longer interested in the present version of the franchise. Bumblebee: The Movie is scheduled to release on December 21, and if this doesn’t work, then it will be the last film of the Transformers franchise. The news was brought to us by TFW 2005.


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