Is This Why Luke Went Into Exile?


The Force Awakens (Episode 7) successfully did what most movies fail to do; it made people crave for the sequel while giving us a satisfying ending. One of the major questions that popped in everybody’s mind is that if Luke is such a powerful Jedi then why the hell he is hiding on the planet Ahch-to?

One of many Reddit theorists may have found the answer hidden behind the panels of the recent Marvel’s Darth Vader comic book. The key term to understand here is “Barash Vow,” which means during the “Great Jedi Purge” a.k.a Order 66, the Jedi had the choice to take “Barash Vow,” which spares them from the wrath of Empire, but it comes at a moral cost. Jedi who have taken the Vow are not allowed to interfere in the matters of Empire in any way, even if they see a Vader’s goon killing a Jedi, they will turn their heads to other side and walk away. The vow-takers can still use the force for their personal purposes, but they cannot intervene in any social or political matters of Empire’s administration over the galaxy.

In the latest Vader comics, Darth Vader is tasked to get a lightsaber for Emperor Palpatine. This mission makes Vader search for Kyber crystals (Main element of the Lightsabers) that are guarded by a bunch of Jedi warriors, who have taken Barash Vow. In the panel below, you can hear about the Barash Vow directly from the horses’ mouth.

According to the die-hard Star Wars fan Redditors, something like this would have happened to Luke Skywalker and his other fellow Force-sensitive students when Kylo Ren tipped to the Darkside under the influence of Snoke and the First Order. The First Order may have launched similar genocidal orders for all the existing Jedi warriors at that time, which forced Luke to hide in the planet Ahch-to, which is not even on the map of the galaxy. He may even be hiding something on that island with him.

The theory may seem far-fetched, but when the concept of Grey Jedi can be adopted in the Star Wars lore, then in our opinion anything can happen in the upcoming Star Wars films.

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