Iron Man: Tony Stark Is Back And He Looks Nothing Like Tony Stark!


Fans have ultimately come to know the fate of Tony Stark, but, he is not the Tony Stark we all are accustomed to seeing.

Warning: This article has Spoilers for Invincible Iron Man #595, and if you wish to read the issue unspoiled, this is your chance to go back.

A mysterious being is seen emerging from a containment unit, and it looks like Tony Stark. However, the figure, who is incapable of walking, happens to be absolutely bald. The figure approaches an old Iron-Man armor and puts it on.

Once again, that implies it has to be Tony, and that gets confirmed when his mother located him on the ground, wearing the armor. Tony clarifies that he “sorta messed with” his body’s structure over the years. It has cost his body a great deal to take on the mantle of Iron-Man, and over the years, he has modified his body chemistry to manage it.

After the mess of Civil War II, his body had to almost reboot to stay alive, and that caused him to lose his hair. Stark says that his life was saved in the process, but, that’s just a single-use option. “My system rebooted. #$$. That means what saved me only could save me the one time. So much for being immortal..”

This scene also features Mary Jane, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Cyclops and James Rhodes, and it turns out to be merely a hallucination which he saw while he was still on the ground in the Iron-Man armor. Yet, his narrative is most likely to be true, but, it has not been explained as to how he reached his secret location after spending time in a coma.

You can check the spoiler images above.

The issue’s end hits at a possible real reunion of the above characters, but, we need to wait and find out whether that happens.

Brian Michael Bendis has written Invincible Iron-Man #595 and art has been done by the duo of Alex Maleev and Stefano Caselli. Check out the official synopsis below:

THE SEARCH FOR TONY STARK Part 3! Riri Williams and Victor Von Doom TEAM UP to solve the mystery of Tony Stark’s fate. Guest-starring the entire armored Marvel Universe as one of Tony’s biggest storylines ever heads toward a big issue #600 whopper!

Invincible Iron Man #595 is available at your neighborhood comic book store now.

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