Check Out How Internet Reacted To ‘Doctor Who’: The Thirteenth Doctor’s Debut


Doctor Who made a comeback on Christmas Day for the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special, and after talking to his original self for a long time, he ultimately decided to let go of his present self and regenerate into a new version. ‘

This thirteenth adaptation of the Doctor happens to be Jodie Whitaker, who formally debuted in Doctor Who during the last moments of “Twice Upon a Time.” This is the first time a lady has been cast to play the Doctor, which means that it is a moment that took 50 years coming for Doctor Who lovers.

Taking everything into account, it is obvious to expect that the Doctor Who fans had responded strongly to the appearance of the Thirteenth Doctor, and a lot of them had to control their tears that welled up due to Whitaker’s arrival and the end of Peter Capaldi’s turn. A lot of fans reiterated the first worlds uttered by the Thirteenth Doctor,Oh, brilliant!” Others simply had no words to express their delight.

Check out some of the responses here:

The Thirteenth Doctor played by Whitaker will feature in the main Doctor Who series which will start with the Doctor Who Season 11 premiere. The premiere will also be the first episode to be managed by the new showrunner Chris Chibnail who replaces Seven Moffat. The Thirteenth Doctor is accompanied by three support cast characters in the TARDIS: Bradley Walsh as Graham, Mandip   Gill as Yasmin and Tosin Cole as Ryan.

The upcoming season started production last month. The series is supposed to premiere at some point in 2018 and will have ten episodes. It is rumored that Chibnail will make some changes to Doctor Who, and that includes a new TARDIS set, which is obvious considering the “explosive” finale to the Christmas Special, and it might also have a longer episode duration. However, none of these changes have been officially confirmed.


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