Initial Cut of Justice League Was “Unwatchable”, Says Rumors.


Justice League is one of the most anticipated movies of this year, and thus there are plenty of rumors surrounding it. One of the more persistent one is about the troubles in the post-production phase of the superhero movie. It is has been heard that the original cut of the movie was deemed ‘unwatchable’, which is why Joss Whedon’s reshoots are taking so much time and budget.

DC tried to answer the roaring success of Avengers with its Justice League franchise. While both Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad earned a lot, they were critically panned.

Though DC got some satisfaction with the excellent box office and critical reception of Wonder Woman, the pressure on the Justice League movie still persists. Things started to go out of hands when the director, Zack Snyder, left the project mid-way due to family reasons.

Some in DC believed t to be a blessing in disguise, since the dark, grim world Snyder created for the DCEU was more polarizing than DC wanted. Before his departure, Snyder sought the help of Joss Whedon (the director of Avengers) to rewrite the script. However, Whedon has not taken upon himself to make some huge changes in the movie.

According to Bill Ramey from Batman on Film, the initial cut made by Snyder was simply unwatchable. There are no confirmed sources about this, but it is already circulating on the Internet as a very persistent rumor.

However, this could be well discarded as only a rumor. Similar news regarding the early cut of Wonder Woman buzzed the Internet, yet the movie turned out to be pretty amazing without any significant changes. Still, the rumor has some strong arguments in support. As we saw in Dawn of Justice, the plot was too confusing and the setup was too grim. The same team worked immediately after that on Justice League, so it was natural to assume that the movie suffered from the same drawbacks.

However, some relief could be sought from new head of DC films, Geoff Johns, who assured the Justice League (and other subsequent movies) to be more optimistic and relatable. Joss Whedon came to the project in troubles times, so it seems natural that he would try his best to improve upon the film. But whose influence will be more prominent, Snyder’s or Whedon’s? Guess we will have to wait till November 17th to know.


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