10 Marvel Cinematic Heroes In Their Iconic Comic Book Costumes!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made standard icons out of its Avengers superheroes; you don’t need to look beyond comic book tradition cosplay for verification.

All things considered, as iconic as MCU legends like Iron Man, Captain America or Hawkeye have become famous for their signature looks, there are still some die-hard Marvel fans who welcome the beautiful and colorful costumes from the comic books, instead of their looks in the film versions.

In the event that you happen to be one of those fans – or are a MCU fan who simply needs to see a cool alternative option to what we see onscreen, have a glance at this cool display of MCU Avengers in Comic Book Costumes.

1. Iron Man

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began things off by adhering to the Marvel Comics canon, making a film version of the Iron Man armor that any comic book fan would like.

Since that initial film, Robert Downey Jr’s. Tony Stark has worn armor inspired by the comic book look and has even impacted the comics, in specific occurrences.

2. Captain America

As should be obvious, Steve Rogers/Captain America’s comic book costume wouldn’t look very correct onscreen. This is the reason the MCU needed to include a cushioned/armored aesthetic to the outfits we’ve found in the Captain America and Avengers movies.

Truth be told, the Cap’s comic book outfit looks so ridiculous onscreen that Captain America: The First Avenger utilized it as an Easter egg joke when Steve Rogers was compelled to wear it as a component of a USO show.

3. Thor

“Where’s the helmet?!” has been the general cry from die-hard Marvel Comics fans, as far back as Chris Hemsworth’s Thor initially ventured onscreen.

Hemsworth is a sufficient hunk to pull off that goofy helmet. Nevertheless, the performer will really get a variant of the Thor helmet for some gladiatorial games, as an Easter egg nod to fans in the forthcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Thor in an all-out fight battle helmet? Possibly when the inescapable “Woman Thor” reboot comes around.

4. The Hulk

Most fans presumably surmise that MCU Hulk is a precise interpretation of the character’s look. However, in all actuality, Hulk initially begun in the comics as a greyer monstrosity.

Obviously, Hulk has a wide range of looks and iterations and honestly, Mark Rufflalo’s motion-capture shot at Hulk is superior to that Ang Lee Hulk giant or even the Edward Norton rendition from The Incredible Hulk.

5. Spider-Man

Marvel fans have been glad to see that Spider-Man got rebooted inside the MCU with an outfit that pays legitimate reverence to the comics, as well as has a light of fun highlights that we’ll see in the forthcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Obviously, Tom Holland’s Starktech Spidey suit isn’t 100% precise to the comics. It includes a couple of twists like those dashing stripes on the upper arms and shins that are special to the MCU.

6. Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson might not have been most fans’ prompt pick to play Black Widow. However, she’s since gone to claim the part and her costume has been a major help.

As is obvious, Widow’s MCU look is truly precise to its comic book roots, whether it’s the version we found in Iron Man 2, Avengers, or the Phase II movies. Furthermore, Johansson’s genuine superpower may without a doubt be rounding out all that tight leather in spot-on comic book magnitudes.

7. Black Panther

Marvel’s Black Panther is new on the block, yet the character has been practically fan-approved as of now. That’s because of a great presentation in Captain America: Civil War.

The MCU variant of Panther respects his comic book counterpart in such a variety of ways. In any case, there is an unmistakable difference in the style. Like Captain America, BP can’t sell a dark spandex bodysuit as a persuading outfit. Thus his look was redesigned into an armored tasteful that looks truly wonderful onscreen.

The MCU version of Black Panther is additionally more sensible, as his country, Wakanda, certainly has the technological assets to make something as remarkable as the vibranium armor that T’Challa wears.

8. Scarlet Witch

Like such a large number of female comic book superheroes, Scarlet Witch’s look from the page is quite impractical (over-sexualized) to work in a motion picture.

Elizabeth Olsen’s MCU Scarlet Witch has had a considerable measure of thematic nods to the comic book variant, with her red shading theme. It’s a reasonable trade, truly. As it is, it was constantly difficult to comprehend why the witch required a costume at all in the comics as showy and senseless as the one she got.

9. Quicksilver

He is presumably one of the hardest nuts to crack open, as far as interpreting a Marvel character’s outfit to the screen is concerned.

As should be obvious, the character would look senseless if his white-haired and powder-blue shirt look from the comics was straightforwardly transferred over to the movies. However, his MCU look wasn’t vastly improved, either.

When you consider how senseless Quicksilver from the X-Men film franchise likewise looks in his “costume,” obviously this character may simply be reviled to look crazy on the extra large screen.

10. The Vision

Similar to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, The Vision is a character whose comic book costume is so ludicrous and showy that it would look completely absurd in a motion picture.

Nonetheless, unlike Quicksilver and Witch, Marvel Studios found a shrewd approach to make an interpretation of Vision’s appearance to the screen in a compelling way, making a body that has a blend of armour and manufactured polymers which is tasteful.

The choice of previous J.A.R.V.I.S. voice Paul Bettany as the on-screen character to play Vision grounded the character, who fortunately holds his beautiful comic book look while never having it feel like camp.


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