Henry Cavill Sends Out A Thank You Video To His Fans


Justice League has finally hit the silver screen and Superman, Henry Cavill has taken shown his appreciation to the fans.

Cavill was on very busy at the premiere for the movie but he did find some time to record a video that shows the premiere festivities. “Hi everyone, tonight is premiere night, and I love these nights, always very excited,” Cavill said. “It’s a time for celebration. I need to finish getting ready, and welcome to Justice League.”

It seems that out he was not dressed yet, but the fans got to see a montage of Cavill with the cast of Justice League as he interacted with the fans. He even had a sweet moment with a young one.

Cavill had shared the video with the caption “Thank you once again to everyone who came out to support the Justice League premiere last week, and to those who are heading to the cinemas to see it…especially all of you in Ar-Kansas!”

Cavill says that he thought that “Ar-Kansas” was the way to pronounce Arkansas but he has been informed this was not the case.

This is surely not the first time that Cavill has sent an appreciation to his fans for turning up for Justice League, and their support means a whole lot.

“To you the fans, what can I say…you are incredible, amazing, wonderful people and for you I am endlessly grateful,” Cavill wrote. “Thank you. These Superheroes that we play are you and you are them. Your passion, your patience, your belief in the magic is why I do what I do. Thank you all for coming and for your support. Being on this journey with you is special beyond words.” Cavill concluded with the hashtags “Justice League,” “Hope,” “Superman” and “You.”

Cavill’s Superman is the best part of the movie and while the audiences are divided on a few aspects of the movie, very few have had negative things to say about Superman.

Justice League is now playing in theaters.

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