22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Hannah Kepple That Will Challenge Your Expectations

22 Hot And Sexy Pictures Of Hannah Kepple That Will Challenge Your Expectations

Hannah discovered her love for acting at the age of ten when her mother signed her up for a junior production of the musical Annie at Asheville Community Theatre. She loved acting so much that she also ended up playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at Flat Rock Playhouse. As she became older Hannah joined the Screen Artists Co-op, a local training center and talent agency. There, she learned how to act on camera, thanks to her teacher Jon Menick.

And Hannah’s big break finally came when she auditioned for Cobra Kai and landed the role of Moon. Moon is a fun and kindhearted character who starts out as a close friend of Yasmine, one of the popular girls at school. Over time, Moon becomes more important to the story, especially through her relationship with Eli Moskowitz, also known as Hawk. She breaks up with Hawk because she doesn’t support his aggressive behavior, showing her strong moral values. The best part however is the fact that Moon brings diversity to the show as the first LGBTQ+ character and her relationship with Piper is shown in a positive light, adding to the show’s inclusivity.

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