Gotham By Gaslight: Get Ready For Batman Vs Jack The Ripper!


The trailer for the animated version of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight has been released. It took the live-action DC Universe a bit of time to get going, however, besides a few errors, the animated DC films have been superb for a long time now. The next animated DC film shows Batman taking on Jack the Ripper at the turn of the 20th century, and it is going to be a nasty, high action R-rated story.

Warner Bros. had earlier confirmed during SDCC about Gotham by Gaslight being the next iconic DC story to be made into an animated film. Although this is only a teaser trailer, it feels that director Sam Liu has stayed true to the source materials. We certainly see a version of Batman that hasn’t been seen before, animation or else. This might be a nice gift for DC fans in 2018 if the film’s quality remains as good as this trailer.

The comic book Gotham by Gaslight had come out in 1989, and it had story by Brian Augustyn and art from Hellboydesigner Mike Mignola. Gotham by Gaslight happens to be among the earliest Elseworld stories in the DC Comics universe which means that it is outside the continuity of main DC Comics. It might not be canon, but, just a fun tale. Over the years, several amazing Batman stories have come this way, including the iconic Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. That story was a bit scandalous back then, but, it has now become one of the most loved Batman stories.

It is a recent thing to do R-rated versions of comic books, and although live-action films such as Logan and Deadpool have succeeded, Warner Bros. didn’t get it going with their animated films. Last year fans were elated to see Batman: The Killing Joke being given an animated version. It was R-rated so makers could do whatever was needed to tell the story properly. Sadly, the outcome was quite upsetting for fans. The R-rating can’t be blamed for the film’s poor quality. However, Warner Bros. must have learned from the debacle before they made Gotham by Gaslight.

The film has Bruce Greenwood giving voice to Batman/Bruce Wayne, Jennifer Carpenter as Catwoman and Anthony Head as Alfred. The official release date is not declared, but Gotham by Gaslight will be released on digital platforms and Blu-ray/DVD next year. No information is available about a theatrical release yet, but, we will inform you if any update comes up. Check out the new Gotham by Gaslight trailer provided by IGN YouTube Channel, below:


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