Goku Vs. Superman: The Real Truth About Who Would Win!


This is one fan battle that has been going on and on, and fans have spent years at it. The fans of Dragon Ball are emphatic that Goku would win because he can tear through planets merely by powering up, whereas comic book fans side with Superman.

We love both of them, and we won’t be siding with either of them as we evaluate their chances. However, we feel that the answer is not difficult to find if you be unbiased. Both can win. It is just the situation that might support one of them or the other. This is a small story and let’s jump into it. What do we know about either of them?

They are both aliens and the last representative of their species who has come from dead planets to live on another planet and among its people. They are both incredibly powerful and fight for the good side. However, their power levels vary, and that’s the deciding factor in a faceoff between the two.

Their victory depends on the kind of preparation they put into the fight and the situation of the fight. Let’s assume if they meet in a wide open field without any humans around, they will start fighting. May we ask why? The answer is anyway not relevant. A lot of people say that this debate is an absolute wastage because this battle is never going to take place. They are both on the good side, and they won’t fight each other. This, however, is not the truth as we know Goku is more than happy to pick up a fight with anyone as long as the opponent is powerful. Even if just for fun, he would literally beg Superman for a battle. We assume here that they fight as part of an all-out simulation training.

Goku exploits the Ki energy of his body created by his physical, emotional and mental existence. This energy can be manipulated to make himself stronger, faster and in many other ways. Now this energy will be similar in effect to what sunlight is to Superman. However, without Ki, he is just about as strong as any ordinary human. He is a Saiyan who heals faster than humans and becomes more powerful with each fight, whether he won it or lost. Still, Ki is not a magical force, and that’s why it can’t weaken Superman. The Man of Steel gets his powers from the Sun, and even without them, he is nearly three times stronger and faster than your average human because his home planet had much greater gravity force.

Now let’s have a look at the questions that the fans generally ask.

Superman can travel in superspeed, but, he can’t fight that fast. Really? Who knows it? This has been seen in comics earlier. Therefore, we can’t define what kind of speed powers Superman has, but, let’s just assume he can’t. Therefore, Goku is much faster in battle. Still, this doesn’t make a difference if he can’t hurt the Superman because he is invincible.

Superman is easily the winner when it comes to strength. If you have any doubts, just look at the picture here:


Superman has spent five days bench pressing the weight of the whole planet. We have read the entire mangas and been through the DBZ series. Goku is never shown to be close to doing anything similar. Many times, he has been beaten and bruised and that too by stuff like slaps, swords and so on.

One full force punch from Superman would make us write Goku’s obituaries. However, he can’t land a punch on him if he can’t get hold of him and that’s something we saw during Trunk’s battle against Cell. This is ultimately all about endurance.

That’s the bottom line! The facts put an end to all arguments. Goku is much faster than Superman, and his Ki is extremely destructive in various ways such as the Kamehameha wave. Superman, on the other hand, is much stronger and has much higher endurance than Goku. So who wins? The one who will endure longer. Goku is not invincible like Superman. However, his speed allows him to attack many more times and cause more damage. At the same time, he is weaker and can’t bear as much punishment as Superman can, but, he is more difficult to catch. Once again we are getting into the circles, right?

Then who wins? Superman, of course! Why because his powers are from sunlight and that means he will last longer than the Ki energy of Goku. Saiyans are prone to fatigue, and their energy reserves drain out in battle. Superman managed to bench press the Earth’s weight for five full days, right in the center of the planet without any sunlight. There is only one chance for Goku, and that’s to deliver one of his mightiest attacks such as the Super Dragon Fist or at least an omega level Spirit Bomb before he gets worn out during the battle.

That’s what we believe is the final verdict.


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