Get Ready For ICE DRAGON In Game Of Thrones If The New Rumors Are True!


To all the hard-core fans out there- this article contains spoilers for season 7 of Game of Thrones. Be prepared!

GOT fans love the theory of a possible White Walker dragon in the series. The audiences have suggested the climax may be a battle between Daenerys and Night King.

George RR Martin wrote about the ice dragons in 1980 in a book called, The Ice Dragon. But he has not yet confirmed that the book webs into the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Ice and Fire books describe the dragons as ‘made of living with ice, and they have eyes of pale blue crystal’. The description sounds a lot like White Walkers. And this is an exciting moment for many fans.

There exists an idea where Viserion might be the dragon to bite the dust because his namesake Viserys is dead. As everyone knows, Rhaegal is the namesake for Daenerys’s brother Rhaegar, and Drogon for Khal Drogo.

The Three Eyed-Raven Bran traveled back in time and wargs himself into a man who then becomes the Night King. He aims to prevent the Children of the Forest from creating the White Walkers. But the Children of the Forest stabbed the man while Bran was still in his body and this caused him to become the Night King. If Bran wargs into a dead dragon, there is a high chance that it could come under the Night King’s control.

What’s next? Will White Walker dragons be there in the upcoming Game of Throne series? Stay tuned to know more.

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