George Lucas Once Again Slams The Autograph Seekers! [Video]


He said;

‘I had nothing when I started.’

George Lucas had harsh words for autograph seekers hoping to profit off his signature in NYC on Friday. As it is, the 73-year-old Star Wars maker started contending with the crowd recommending they pick a fair way to earn money.

Lucas stated the following in a video gotten by TMZ;

“You know why I have money and you don’t? Instead of spending time doing autographs, I spend my time making movies.”

When one of the autograph seekers answered he couldn’t make films, Lucas wound up plainly resentful about the idea.

Lucas countered him by saying;

“I started out just like you. I had nothing when I started.”

Lucas’ dissatisfaction originates from his conviction that specific autograph seekers are just hoping to benefit from the sales of signed things, whereas genuine Star War fans value the things for themselves.

In a video by TMZ in June, Lucas while surrounded by autograph seekers shouted:

“These people are here to make money. They’re not fans, they’re just making money. It’s $200 for a signature. Why don’t you just go out and get a job?! I just made that guy $1000.”

In the interim, back in NYC, Lucas was seen getting in a car after the underlying fractious autograph encounter.

As he started rolling up the window, Lucas stated:

“Go on the corner and just beg. Cause that’s what you’re doing right now.”

One autograph seeker answered; 

“I look out for you. I put money in your pocket when I go see your movies.”

Lucas didn’t have time for such nonsense as he reacted:

“But that’s business. You’re not in a business.”

Well, business it is. Lucas’ diligent work has made his total assets over $5 billion. Whoa!


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