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Freya Allan, is an English actress who attended Headington School in Oxford for her early education, where she first became interested in acting. She continued to study acting at the National Film and Television School and the Arts University Bournemouth, where she participated in several short film projects.

Freya Allan first gained attention with a minor role in the BBC drama The War of the Worlds in 2019. However, she became more widely recognized for her role as Ciri in The Witcher, on Netflix. This role actually even earned her a nomination for a Saturn Award for Best Younger Actor on a Television Series in 2021.

And now Freya Allan stars as Mae in the new movie Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.In the movie, Mae is a strong and smart human who forms an unlikely friendship with an ape named Noa, played by Owen Teague. Mae’s story is quite emotional because her parents disappeared when she was young during a mission, and she has been on her own since then. This background makes her tough and determined, shaping her decisions and relationship with Noa.

This film is set many years after War for the Planet of the Apes, and it looks at what happens long after the earlier stories, focusing on the struggles between humans and apes. Mae is an important part of this story as she tries to find her place and make tough choices in a dangerous world.

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Freya Allan sexy pictures
Freya Allan hot pictures
Freya Allan hot pictures

Freya Allan sexy

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Freya Allan sexy pics

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Freya Allan hot pics

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