Frank Skinner Angry After Being Dropped In Doctor Who Companion


Frank Skinner assumed that he would be getting a callback from BBC following his turn as Perkins in Doctor Who. But unfortunately, no.

Bradley Walsh is a top contender to join Jodie Whittaker in the TARDIS. The snub is taking a toll on Frank Skinner who is left wondering if he messed up when he was filming with Peter Capaldi on ‘Mummy on the Orient Express.’

“This is what seems to have happened,” Frank began on Saturday on his Absolute Radio show, “there’s been a big meeting at Doctor Who and they’ve said; ‘We’ve got a female Doctor Who now, what’s the ideal combination, what about a middle-aged comedian?

And they’ve all looked at each other and said ‘Bradley Walsh’. Imagine how that makes me feel.”

Is it an insult that Bradley Walsh has the support of FreemaAgyeman and Jenna Coleman? Maybe.

We hope that Frank will get over the bitterness and enjoy Jodie Whittaker making her debut in Doctor Who in ‘Twice Upon a Time’ which is airing on BBC One.

If Bradley Walsh will be boarding TARDIS? This has not been confirmed nor denied. We expect the answer soon.

Watch the trailer for ‘Twice Upon a Time’ here:


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