First Look: Elastigirl Leads The Way In The Incredibles 2


It has taken too long to come, but, the wait for The Incredibles 2 will be over next year when the film releases in cinemas. There haven’t been many details about the sequel written and directed by Brad Bird as Brad has been keeping things under wraps for now. An image from the movie has recently been revealed, and it proves that Bob Iger didn’t joke during the summer when he claimed that this film begins right where the original film had ended. This is what Brad Bird said about the film in a new interview.

“Incredibles 2 picks up, literally, where the first film left off, with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl battling The Underminer, while Violet and Dash are stuck with babysitting Jack-Jack. That’s all we’re saying for now. but rest assured, there are a lot more superheroes in store for our ‘family dynamic.'”

Although The Incredibles 2 picks up the story from the point where the first film ended, the outlook has been transformed. It is going to be Mrs. Incredible who will lead the adventure and heroic actions in this sequel. Holly Hunter is back to play the character as the head of Pixar’s superfamily and she has said that we will see Mrs. Incredible aka Elastigirl handle her ambitions and is not forcibly pushed out of retirement.

“Helen’s appetite for adventure comes to the fore. Whereas before, she was driven to become Mrs. Incredible out of necessity, where she went into it to save her husband, I think this time she really meets her own ambition head-on. The ambition of being an adventure is something that we get to explore.”

His last live-action film Tomorrowland turned out to be a rare stumble for Brad Bird. Other than that, his film record is devoid of any blemishes especially when we talk about animation.  Holly Hunter showered lavish praise on the director and spoke highly of The Incredibles 2. 

“It’s always interesting when you have a storyteller who can take off the way that Brad can, and in a way, I feel that his storytelling abilities acquired a different kind of lift-off with this movie. This time was so much fun because I know Brad so much better, and the way the story unfolded for me in the recording sessions has been kind of stratospheric. Brad’s imagination veers off into intensely funny stuff, and I find that so fresh. And of course, that also includes the character development of Helen throughout this second movie. It just feels really rich, and like… this guy is a true feminist.”

The Incredibles 2 had its first trailer released recently and it features the young Jack-Jack delving into his newly discovered powers, and Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) seems to be happy with his son. The trailer has already shattered the record for the maximum views of an animated trailer in 24 hours. This proves that the people are really keen to see this film. While The Incredibles warrants a lot of praise for being a fantastic superhero movie, the sequel is all set to become a powerful female-led superhero film in the league of the Wonder Woman.

“[Helen has] a real incredible sense of competitiveness and ambition. She throws down the gauntlet in this one. It’s so much fun to see a woman luxuriating in those two arenas, because women have for so many generations been brought up to not be ambitious or to not be competitive, and it’s fun to see Helen basking in those two arenas in much the same way that we give men license to do…It feels like women are reasserting their strength in different ways. I just think it’s beautiful that Incredibles 2 is allowing Mrs. Incredible to reveal all these other different colors of who she is.”

Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone/Lucius) and Sarah Vowell (Violet)  have once again reprised their roles in The Incredibles 2, and Huck Milner has joined them to voice Dash. This Disney and Pixar sequel will release on June 15, 2018. Have a look at the first image of The Incredibles 2 provided by Entertainment Weekly.

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