Doctor Who: Bradley Walsh Expected To Be The Companion For Jodie Whittaker


The co-actor for the character of Thirteenth Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker, in the Season 11 of Doctor Who, seems to have been chosen. Whittaker was cast as the iconic character of this science fiction series in July. Fans lapped up the idea of featuring a woman as the doctor after it was confirmed that a gender switch was on the cards after the end of Steven Moffat’s exit from the show.

Once Whittaker was confirmed for the role, work started on finding prospective colleagues for her. There was deliberation whether a female doctor would be better accompanied by a male colleague who would have meant that the genders of the TARDIS would have switched. The option of having an all women cast was also considered. Some talk was there for John Barrowman once again donning the character of Captain Jack Harkness with Bill and Clara also remaining on the show in some capacity. However, chances remained about a popular face joining Jodi Whittaker on the premiere of Season 11.

Now, The Mirror has reported that the role of the Doctor’s new companion will be played by Bradley Walsh. The International audience is unlikely to know much about Walsh; he is quite a popular actor in Britain. He has played a role in  Coronation Street and also been the presenter of a popular British game show titled The Chase. He has also worked in the past with Chris Chibnall on the show Law and Order UK. He is expected to play this new character alongside continuing his assignment as a presenter.

BBC has not yet confirmed this development, but, the fact that Walsh was not even among the possibilities for this role that we believe these rumors can’t be baseless. Many British newspapers and media houses are also talking about Walsh’s appearance on the show to be nearly confirmed.

If he is indeed chosen for the role, then it would be quite an unorthodox selection due to his popularity as the host of a game show. Those who have seen his earlier works vouch for his prowess as a comedian and his endearing screen persona which can win over any audience. He is not only just about comedy as he has done enough dramatic portions across his eight seasons on Law and Order UK.

The only thing that may not work in his favor is the gross deviation from the typical personalities of Amy Pond or Clara Oswald, and that might irk some Doctor Who fans. However, if we look back at 2005, Billie Piper also faced similar reservations as he was known only as a former pop icon at that time. Still, she went on to win even the staunchest fans of Doctor Who with her portrayal of Rose Tyler. We hope that Bradley Walsh will come up with a similar success!

Season 11 of Doctor Who is likely to premiere on BBC in 2018.

Doctor Who season 11 is expected to premiere in 2018 on BBC.


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