Revealed: The Reason Why H.Y.D.R.A. Was Scared Of Doctor Strange In Captain America: Winter Soldier!


Marvel Cinematic Universe has a lot of possibilities and excitement is increasing day by day with Infinity War getting closer. In the words of Kevin Feige, it is nearing the culmination of everything seen so far. Marvel has put up a fantastic mega cast under one title to create a super comic book event as part of its phase 3. The Infinity War movies are easily the most anticipated superhero team-up films of this century so far. Fans are keen to see the biggest event called Infinity War play out in front of them.

While we have plenty of time to discuss Infinity War, why don’t we go down the memory lane and reflect upon something which you most likely didn’t notice. Captain America franchise had a great start, and its sequel ‘Winter Soldier’ only further elevated it. The film was more like a hair-raising spy thriller rather than a typical superhero drama. SHIELD got compromised by HYDRA and the villain was not only troublesome but, also linked to the past of Steve Rogers. It was a superb mix of spy story and superhero elements.

Marvel excels at scattering their films with small clues which could be easily missed, but, create the base for mega films of the future. The Captain America: Winter Soldier that released in 2014, was no exception as it previewed a leading character – Doctor Strange. Check this out to find for yourself:

However, what was the reason behind H.Y.D.R.A. shadowing Dr. Strange? He was not Sorcerer Supreme back then. He was in training with Ancient One and Baron Mordo at Kamar-Taj when the events of Winter Soldier took place. We have to review the MCU timeline to figure out the sequence of the events.

The biggest comic book event that took place immediately after that was the Civil War in 2016 which was eight years after Iron Man and four years after Winter Soldier. Avengers caused a great deal of loss to property and human life, and this made General Ross propose the Sokovia Accords to keep control over their activities through an internationally ratified document which created rules and a framework for the battle involvement of super beings and ensuring international combat rules during a war.

The core aim was to restrict the powers which superhero squads like The Avengers had. The Accords was a creation of UN and had over 170 countries signatory to it after we witnessed the destruction that took place in the Battle of Sokovia during the confrontation between Avengers and Ultron. This ended up dividing the Avengers into two factions respectively led by Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. At the time of these events, Stephen Strange was busy training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

In response to a query about the threat felt by H.Y.D.R.A. from Doctor Strange, this is what Kevin Feige had to say:

 “He is very well-known as a surgeon. He has got various awards and plaques you’re going to see over there; he attends various galas, might be driving at one point in this movie. He has name recognition, and a talent and certain Hydra computers identified him as somebody that could cause trouble for their agendas.”

This doesn’t yet give a convincing answer as to how a surgeon is considered to be a threat more important that Captain America or Hulk by H.Y.D.R.A.? The reason lies in his being someone who sticks to a code and is not likely to follow orders. He is a superb surgeon who can achieve feats that other surgeons can’t even think of trying. He revived someone who had a bullet lodged in his brain. It is, therefore, that the computer algorithms of H.Y.D.R.A considered him to be a potential threat and decided to deal with him immediately.


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