DC Announces Upcoming Projects At SDCC 2017


Warner Bros. surely captured the attention of everyone this year at San Diego Comic Con. Nobody doubted the studio’s prowess, but with the DCEU in their arsenal, WB is almost as big as Disney (who has Pixar and Marvel under its belt). So this year, fans awaited a lot of exciting announcements from the WB panel. And they were not disappointed.

To be sure, the titles drew mixed responses. The announcement of Suicide Squad 2, Green Lantern Corps, Batgirl and Justice League Dark drew applause but no gasps, since most of them were almost confirmed even before the event.

Perhaps the biggest surprise came in the form of the solo Flash movie, titled Flashpoint. The project for creating a solo Flash film was stalled for years now, with regular changes in directors and script. However, fans seem not to mind this, given the enthusiasm it drew from the crowd. Flashpoint is going to be of tremendous importance to DCEU since it can provide the studio with a reset button. It is rumored that with the Flashpoint plot, WB might reset the storyline, thereby bidding Ben Affleck goodbye and introducing the younger New 52 characters.

As far as earlier names are considered, there is a lack of some confirmations. Justice League Dark lost Doug Liman as the director recently, along with other titles that have not finalized any director. Batgirl, however, has Joss Whedon pulling strings. As far as Shazam is concerned, the long-rumored project will finally go into production next year, most probably under David F. Sandberg (of Lights Out fame).

Two other movies that turned many heads were The Batman and Wonder Woman 2. After the long rumors that Ben Affleck might not be a part of it, it is a relief to see the film finally going through works under Matt Reeves. On the other hand, Wonder Woman 2 still doesn’t have an official director. While it makes sense to bring back Patty Jenkins, we are yet to have confirmation regarding the new contract between her and WB.

Of course, there were a lot of titles that were not announced. For instance, despite the rumors of a Joker Vs. Harley Quinn movie, no announcements were made. A similar thing happened to the Gotham City Sirens movie, which was rumored to be under production. Two big titles, Man of Steel 2 and Justice League 2 also didn’t find any mention. But, we might let it pass, since WB has a lot on their plate. We don’t want them to mess it up.


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