Darth Vader Comic Book Gives Iconic “Nooooooooo” From Prequels A Fitting Portrayal.


The epic yell of Anakin Skywalker ( Noooooooooooo) after realizing he was the reason for the death of his love – Padmé, was one of the most memorable scenes from the Star Wars prequel trilogy. That was after both his legs and arms were severed and he was left reeling beside a lava river by a man who used to be like a brother to him. That yell was the point where Anakin Skywalker transformed into Darth Vader. It was the most painstaking day the ‘Chosen One’ had to endure. An emotional outburst displaying an array of feelings would have portrayed the entire scenario correctly. However, all Darth Vader did was screamed a big ‘Noooooooooo’ to express his agony.

The movie scene showing Darth Vader’s anguish wasn’t all that badly done, but the climax of an epic trilogy deserved something better. A ‘Noooo’ that was supposed to reflect tons of emotions ended up sounding rather comical. Good thing that Marvel decided to correct that fault and give that infamous scene a fitting portrayal through its comic book.

Vader gets another chance at his “Nooooo” moment in Marvel’s comic titled Darth Vader #1 by writer Charles Soule and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli. In the comic, after Vader realizes what he has become physically and how it was out of his control, he reacts uncannily.

He uses his force to destroy the things around him for venting out his frustrations. His anger takes over him entirely, and he even force throws his master Palpatine on the wall holding him responsible for not saving Padme.


The comic book panels perfectly express the notion that he is angry with himself, he is angry with his master, but somewhere in his heart, Anakin knows that he has got himself knee deep in this quagmire of Darkside and restrains himself. The panel completes the void that we had in hearts from all these years.

A viral fan theory states that Palpatine takes the life Force from Padmé and uses it to help Anakin recover, might just get some fuel to it. While talking to Vader about Padmé’s death, Palpatine says, “But in her death, she has given you a gift.”

It’s a written statement, and like any written religious books, Palpatine’s statement can be read in 100 different ways. There is no way; we can confirm if the Sith are capable of sucking one life form’s energy and feed it to another.


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