Crazy Star Wars Fan Has Created A Full-Size TIE Silencer


Some people have a lot of much time on their hands, while others use their time to make life-sized versions of the Star Wars TIE Silencer.

While Furze had not expected to commit matricide, he was tasked by eBay to build the TIE Silencer out of parts he can buy through the online auction.

With help from fellow YouTuber, James Burton of XRobots fame, Furze went about his task. It took him 6 six weeks for welding, eBay buying, and making use of machines to create a life-sized TIE Silencer.

Much to the pleasure of Star Wars fans, the TIE Silencer will be on display at the Burghley House in Stamford until Dec 10.

The duo of builders did not stop there. They created a life-sized BB-9E, a droid that resembles ball-like BB-8 from The Force Awakens had the cheerful droid decided to style itself after a futuristic heavy metal band.

The video below shows the building process the results which left Star Wars loving children in awe, but we suspect there’s a cohort of older Star Wars fans that would be equally enamored by the TIE Silencer.

All this comes a mere week or so ahead of the December 15 UK theatre debut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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