Couple Dressed As Joker And Harley Quinn SHOT By POLICE While They Were Making Out! [Pictures Inside]


If you are planning to do a Cosplay with a fake gun, please make sure that you are not around the police, because recently, a couple who were dressed as Joker and Harley were shot down by police in a swingers party.

According to the reports, the couple was making out, when the police raided the club. The police say that the guy who was dressed as Joker pointed the gun towards them as they approached the couple, that’s the reason they shot back.

However, the owner of the club confirms that victim never pointed the gun towards the police. In fact, Dale Ewins, the male victim, had registered his toy gun as a part of his attire while entering the party.

The police told that they acted on a call that they had received from several members at the party, who told them that a guy is holding a real gun at the Inflation Nightclub in Melbourne, this place was holding this swingers party.

This incident happened during the “Saint & Sinners” swinger’s event at the Inflation Nightclub which has been the highlight event of the club from past 20 years and none such report has been filed before. There were over 100 people in the club when this disturbance took place. Dale and Zita Sukys are a pretty nerdy couple, and they thought that it would be cool to dress as the Clown Prince and Princess of Gotham City.

Dale was shot in his ribs and later tasered by the police; he is currently battling with his life in a hospital. Her girlfriend Zita has a bullet wound in her leg, she is hospitalized at this moment, but her condition is not as life-threatening as her boyfriend. The sad part is that the couple was involved in a sexual act when around 40 policemen stormed the place and shot them.

This is not the first case where police have shot or killed an innocent cosplayer because of misunderstanding. Having said that, there have been many incidents in the past where maniac shooters and serial killers have used props from famous pop culture while they conducted hideous crimes. There have been major incidents where psychopaths have dressed as Joker or Darth Vader during their deadly raids. We can always blame Police for misfires like the one that happened in Melbourne, but it is also our responsibility to behave responsibly when we are stuck in such cautious situation.

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