Check Out Yondu’s Deleted Scene From ‘Thor: Ragnarok’


It was quite a surprise for Thor: Ragnarok fans to see Yondu appear in the deleted scenes of the movie and now you can have a look at the particular scene yourself.

Thor: Ragnarok has been released on digital now, and it has a deleted scene with this blue-skinned character from Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s none other than Yondu (Michael Rooker) who happened to drop by the set and enjoy. You can check the complete scene in the video clip shared above.

In this particular scene, Skurge (Karl Urban) was ordered by Hela (Cate Blanchett) to execute a citizen. Skurge shows reluctance, but, Hela tells him to do the job entrusted to him. As he grimaces while lifting his ax to strike the citizen as ordered, someone out of view shouts “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Stop it! Hold on right there!”

The whole crowd turns towards the speaker and walks out from the crowd is Yondu (with shades on) looking ice cool. He says to Skurge “Easy does it, hoss,” however, he looks around and appears lost and confused. He then asks Skurge”You know where Kevin and Lou’s offices are, ya’ll?”

Some random guy points him towards the right direction, and it makes Yondu say “Oh, thanks, man. Thank….go ahead. Proceed.” He then calmly walks off, leaving the poor lady to her fate.

Yondu’s question about “Kevin and Lou” is a reference to Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige and Marvel Studio’s co-president Louis D’Esposito.

If you are wondering how did Yondu get into the Thor movie, to begin with, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn explained that to fans via social media.

“For those of you asking me how a Yondu deleted scene is on the Thor: Ragnarok extras – I believe Rooker was at the lot shooting his bit for the Guardians Mission Breakout ride/Halloween version, and he stopped by the Thor set to goof around. Rooker, correct me if I’m wrong.”

Now you can check the scene in all its detail in the video clip shared above, and you also have the option of watching Thor: Ragnarok on Digital HD.

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