Check Out The Debut Of Thirteenth Doctor From’Doctor Who’!


The moment when the Doctor number Twelve regenerates into the Thirteenth has come, and it has been officially released on the web.

BBC shared online a five-minute clip featuring the last sequences of the Doctor Who, Christmas Special 2017 episode titled “Twice Upon a Time” which has been aired in the UK and will air tonight in the US. The scene features the last moments of Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who before Jodie Whitaker takes over. You can check the clip above, but, we warn you that it has SPOILERS and if you are in the US (or if you are strongly emotional about the show, no matter where you are) then we advise you to be cautious.

The last moments of Capaldi are spent advising the character at the same time readying to let him go. This advice comprises of several things that make Doctor Who such a special hero to the fans.

He then proceeds to regenerate into the Thirteenth Doctor played by Whitaker, who is the landmark first female doctor in the history of the franchise, and as is typical, the newly regenerated doctor is a bit disoriented and ends up landing on her face.

The next scene was unusual though. An explosion takes place inside TARDIS, which flings the doctor out of her blue box and sends her plunging through the sky.

This edge of the seat sequence is where this Christmas Special ends, and apparently sets up the Season Eleven premiere of the show. The explosion inside TARDIS also suggests that we will see a revamped TARDIS interior when the show comes back.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will air tonight at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America.


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