51 Hottest Carole Lombard Bikini Pictures Are Simply Excessively Damn Hot

51 Hottest Carole Lombard Bikini Pictures Are Simply Excessively Damn Hot

Carole Lombard was an American film actress. She is known for her enthusiastic and often unusual characters in screwball comedies of the 1930s.Carole Lombard was born as Jane Alice Peters on 6th October 1908 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The relationship between her parents came to be weakened and as a result, her mother moved to Los Angeles, taking her three children with her. However, her parents did not officially divorce and her father continued to provide financial support, which made their life quite comfortable. She was an avid sportsperson and very tomboyish.

carole lombard bikini pics
carole lombard bikini pics

Beginning her career at a very young age, she became one of the greatest American female screen legends of classic Hollywood cinema within a very short span. She began an acting career at a salary of $75 per week. Her first role as a Fox player was ‘Gold Heels’ (1924), after which she had an uncredited appearance in two more films.

carole lombard lingerie pics
carole lombard lingerie pics

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Afterward, she appeared in two more films, ‘Hearts and Spurs’ and ‘Durand of the Bad Lands’, both of which were released in 1925. Unfortunately in the same year, she was involved in a car accident, which left a scar on her face. As a result, Fox canceled its contract with her.

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From there, she came to be the highest-paid celebrity in Hollywood within thirteen years. Although the transition from the silent era to talkies had helped her to establish herself to some extent, it was mainly her talent and hard work, which helped her to reach the pinnacle.

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In 1930, she returned to the Fox to act in the ‘The Arizona Kid’. It was a hit film and she got the third billing. Paramount Pictures moved in quickly to recruit her with a $350-per-week contract. By 1936, the remuneration was gradually increased to $3,500-per-week.

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Meanwhile, in 1930, she appeared in two Paramount movies; ‘Safety in Numbers’ and ‘Fast and Loose’. Her first film in 1936 was ‘Love Before Breakfast’. Her next film ‘The Princess Comes Across’ earned great critical acclaim. But her third one, ‘My Man Godfrey’ was a runaway hit and earned her Academy Award nomination.

Big News’, made in 1929, was her first important movie which gave her a chance to prove her talent, which she successfully did. However, it was her 1934 film ‘Twentieth Century’, which turned her into a star.

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She was great as a human being also and was glad that the taxes she paid helped to make her country better. Her career was cut short when she deceased at the age of just 33 aboard TWA Flight 3, which crashed on Mount Potosi Nevada while returning from a war bond tour.

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