Can The Game Of Thrones’ Night King’s New Weapon Ever Be Defeated?


In Game of Thrones, the Night King has an ice dragon, and this has increased his chance of taking down Westeros.

Daenerys Targaryen will not be the only rider in the skies. So, the king and his men will have to look out for aerial attacks in defensive preparation.

No one knows what or who can actually kill the ice dragon. When it does pass The Wall, it will be the first of its kind in Westeros.

When it comes to battle, Daenerys’ dragons are impervious to all human weaponry. The human armies do not a lot to fight the ice dragon other than the two surviving dragons.

The Night King himself took down Viserion from a quarter-mile away. Fans are just grateful that Drogon was carrying the MVPs of the plot, or he could have been the one to die.

After these events, “The Dragon Will Have Three Heads” theory is imperiled. The reprisal of the “Dance of Dragons” is to feature a 2 on 1 showdown. Daenerys will ride Drogon and we are hoping that Jon Snow will commandeer Rhaegal.

On land, sea and air, both the dragons have managed to win. Although Dany and her dragons may be horrified to witness Viserion’s return, they will seek to destroy him. Daenerys’ dragons will have the upper hand now but if one more dragon gets killed, the last one won’t stand a chance against reanimated Viserion.

In season 7, the material is previously known to be deadly to White Walkers also kills wights. Viserion is essentially a wight dragon and dragonglass is a major weakness for him. A well-placed Scorpion bolt will do to reanimated Viserion, the same that the Night King did to him. It will then wound the ice dragon and prevent him from incinerating the Seven Kingdoms.

This approach will be in the arsenal for Dany and Jon, the responsibilities that come with it should be entrusted to Bronn. But this depends on Qyburn and Cersei’s willingness to be team players.

The new Three-Eyed-Raven is a master warg. Having learnt his craft from Bryden Rivers, Bran Stark has more raw power than anyone.

Yes, he is a mysterious character on the show and has even been sidelined. But he wargs into ravens on and off and spends a lot of his time sharing private information with the residents of Winterfell.

Fans have concluded that his biggest moments are saved for the last season. No one really knows if he is Brandon the Builder, the Lord of Light, or the Night King himself.

Bran may even warg into a dragon. When Brynden Rivers told him, “You will never walk again, but you will fly,” fans believed that he may eventually soar on the back of a dragon. This theory hinges on Bran’s ability to warg into dead creatures. But not been proven in A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones.

The Three-Eyed Raven has yet to reach the pinnacle of his powers and fans are hoping that when season 8 arrives, he will be stronger. He can attack Viserion from the inside, commandeer, and even turn him against the army of the dead.

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