7 Expensive And Talented Actors Bagged For Much Awaited BraveStarr Movie 2018.


The 80s and 90s kids, who have been exposed to the Saturday morning cartoons have been clamoring for years together for a live-action adaptation of the American cartoon Brave Starr and fortunately, all your prayers have been heard, because the Action Maestro “John Woo”, has decided to bring these awesome characters to big screen. After the failure of his big budget Chinese movies “The Crossing 1 & 2”, he has chosen to steer himself towards the Hollywood for one more time, last time he was in the US, he directed Mission Impossible : 2, and we all know that single movie made Mission Impossible series one of the greatest movie sagas of all time.

John Woo has stated that –

“I find a lot of depth in the characters of Brave Starr, and I want to bring these characters to the big screen with some talented and famous actors/actresses. After finishing the filming of “Crossing”, I got sick and during my recuperation period, I worked on the script for Brave Starr, even though this movie is based on a fictional world, I want to keep the CGI to minimal by using real stunts, and sets. I am an old-fashioned guy, you know. The movie is going to be serious, and I am not planning to show a story in 30 seconds when it should 3 minutes long. We want to wrap the post production by mid-2018, and we plan to release it during Christmas timeframe. Let’s hope for the best.”

As you all collect from his statements that he is quite invested in the project, and the outcome could be one of the best Cartoon-to-movie adaptations of all time. Just before the interview was wrapping up, John’s crew working on Brave Starr project revealed some of the probable actors, who are slated to join the cast of this visionary movie. Here are their names of those actors against the Cartoon characters they will be playing! Your mind’s going to blow. Get Ready!

1) The Rock As Brave Starr

1) The Rock As Brave Starr

2) Ian Mcshane As Handle Bar

2) Ian Mcshane As Handle Bar

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